Split is the second largest city in Croatia, situated in the heart of Dalmatia, a Croatian region characterized by warm and pleasant climate and Mediterranean culture. The town itself is 17 centuries old, with the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace in the core of today’s town. Diocletian’s Palace and the entire historical core of Split have been on the World Heritage UNESCO list since 1979, not only for the extraordinary preservation of the Palace, but also because the Palace and its city continue to live a full life.
Privileged by its location, Split is an important transportation hub – easily reached by sea, road, rail and air.


In recent years, Split has become a tourist centre, but it is also an important Croatian and Mediterranean cultural centre. Along numerous galleries, cinemas, multimedia centre and three theatres, Split offers a rich variety of cultural events, among which the most famous are Split Summer Festival, Marulić Days, the Book of the Mediterranean, three film festivals for film-lovers: Split Film Festival, Mediterranean Film Festival and Archaeology Film Festival.

Activities to do in Split

Visit and explore old town, Diocletian’s Palace:
It isn’t a secret that all guide books describe Split as a city around the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, which is, after Rome, the best kept and most remarkable evidence of the Roman epoch in Europe.

As a useful help to your one-day tour of Split, we recommend that you drop by in one of two information centers called Tourist Boards, one on the Riva promenade and the other one at Peristyle Square, where you can grab some brochures, city plans and other information you might need. (You also have some of these brochures at our reception and in your apartment, too).


Visit Marjan Hill
In the past, Marjan was a place known as the residence of hermits. No wonder, because Marjan is completely naturally preserved.
Today, Marjan is a place for recreation, excursions, sports activities and running, while Marjan beaches Kašjuni, Bene and Kaštelet are also well-known and the favourites of the local people. (2,8 km, a 38-minute walk or 15 minutes by car from Villa Mala)


Visit Split Beaches
Bačvice ( 400  meters, a 6-minute walk from Villa Mala)
Ovcice beach  ( 250 meters, a 5-minute walk from Villa Mala)
Firule beach  ( 500 meters, a  7-minute walk from Villa Mala)


The Golden Gate
The Golden Gate, the most beautiful entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, is almost completely preserved.
The statue of Gregory of Nin, located near the Golden Gate, is the masterpiece of Ivan Mestrovic, the most famous Croatian sculptor.
Grugur Ninski was a medieval bishop and an advocate of worship in the vernacular. That is why he is celebrated as the Croatian national hero.
Papalić’s Palace is a masterpiece of Juraj Dalmatinac in the Gothic-Renaissance period. Today it is the site of the Museum of the City of Split.


Visit Museums


Visit Riva Prommenade, Marmontova Street & Prokurative
Splitska Riva is the most famous promenade in Split and beyond. The waterfront is a special place for the people of Split. It is the site of the most important political, social and entertainment events.
The waterfront is also a place of romantic walks, first loves and socializing. If you look around, you will see people on the waterfront in a fairly relaxed atmosphere and a true Mediterranean spirit. (1,3 km, a 15-minute walk from Villa Mala)

Marmontova Street, located between the Croatian National Theatre and the Riva, is another interesting street in the center of Split. It was named after Napoleon’s general Marmont, which is a very interesting fact, because Napoleon and Marmont were the occupiers of Split.
Nevertheless, the people of Split loved Marmont because, as the manager of the city, he contributed much to its architecture and progress. That is why this beautiful street was named after this French occupying general.

Marmont was also credited with the architecture of the Procurative, a square similar to the Venetian square of St. Mark. The square is located between the beginning of Marmontova Street on the side of the Riva, and the monastery of St. Francis on the Riva.
Many popular events are held at Prokurative, among which we highlight the Split Festival of Pop Music, which is held every year in early summer and brings together the best singers of popular music in Croatia.


The market
The liveliest area in Split is the market. At the market you can taste the rich flavors of Dalmatian and Mediterranean specialties. Olive oil is a particularly famous Mediterranean specialty.   (1 km, a 10-minute walk from Villa Mala)


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